Christine Hurford is a Londoner, now living in Cumbria, whose work responds to place and time, linking ancient places, customs, lives and beliefs with contemporary times.

Looking especially at lives ignored or disregarded by others and bringing them to greater prominence, she works mainly with clay, fired and raw, but also with other materials such as plaster, metal and wood.

Recent work has included large pieces installed outdoors - briefly for a couple of hours as at Voreda or above Ullswater or for a few weeks such as Form Reform along the River Eden. Insects have often been a vehicle for expressing deeper feelings such as Death & Life with hundreds of dead flies in Carlisle Cathedral, Remembering 409 with red insects at an old cotton mill and a mass of white cockroaches at Ashness Bridge, Borrowdale.

Drawings, sketches and photographs are important and some are shown on this website.

Since graduating in 2007 with a first class honours degree, she has exhibited in diverse places - from muddy ditches to empty shops and old buildings as well as galleries (occasionally!)


The dates so far for exhibitions in 2020 that have not been cancelled are:

July 5 - mid August, Greystoke Church, open daylight hours showing with five other local artists.
This is work inspired by the Church and often used for future larger exhibitions
Not certain at the moment , this might not happen.If so, it will be postponed until the same time next year.

Wednesday 2nd September - Sunday 6th September Friargate, Penrith, 10 - 4 photographs and paintings of the life we do not see. Showing with Jane Peet and Sara Musgrave

Saturday September12 - Sunday September 20, EVAN trail, details not finalised yet.

Projects this year are on Geltsdale woods for exhibition in 2021 at RSPB Geltsdale and on Stanger Gill in the heart of Borrowdale